AURO-3D® Encoder Service

Encode 3D audio at wrap speed and boost your workflow with the brand new AURO-3D® Encoder Service software.
Encode channel-based and object-based audio into fully professional Auro-Codec encoded immersive mixes.

Cross-Platform Standalone Encoder:


Auro-Codec Encoder ☑️

Advanced Auro-Codec encoding for high-quality audio.

Multi-Threading Processing ☑️

Uses multi-threading technology for concurrent processing.

WAV & ADM Input Files ☑️

Supports WAV and ADM file formats for versatile input options.

WAV & FLAC Output Files ☑️

Provides WAV & FLAC file formats for high-quality output options.

File’s Format Conversion ☑️

Allows seamless conversion of files between different formats.

Local Server with Remote Control ☑️

Runs as local server with remote control capabilities.

Standalone ☑️

Self-contained and independent.

Cross-Platform ☑️

Functional across different operating systems and devices.

HTML-Based ☑️

Utses web browser’s UI for modern performance.

Fast & Easy to Use ☑️

User-friendly operation for quick and seamless usage.